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First printings of E. Reed's "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly"

The image on the left is from the Dec. 1920 issue of Primary Education (p. 621); the image on the right (marked up to show changes) is from the Dec. 1921 issue of Music & Youth (p. 945).
The 1921 version appears unchanged (save for the addition of a plagal "Amen" at the end) in The Methodist Hymnal (1935):
SOURCE:  The Methodist Hymnal (1935), nos. 105-106; scan from https://archive.org/details/methodisthymnal0000meth/page/n95/mode/2up

It appears also virtually without change in The Kingsway Carol Book:  all slurs (save the last one) are gone, the deceptive cadence at the end is now resolved with a vocal line--not just instrumental--and some dynamics have been added.
SOURCE:  The Kingsway Carol Book, harmony edition, ed. Leslie Russell (1945), pp. 42-43