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Diagram of the structure of the autograph manuscript of K. 361

SOURCE:  JBK composite diagram
This diagram should be read left-to-right, guarding against a Necker illusion (which would turn everything inside out):  the first page is facing away from you on the left extreme, while the blank final page is facing away from you on the right extreme; Fascicles IIVIII and IXXIII are each depicted as open to the center opening (verso page on left, recto on right); the single leaf IX is depicted with the verso toward the viewer, in order to indicate the stub with which it is bound behind Fascicle X. 

  1. Fascicle numbering follows NMA critical report.
  2. Red bracketed area is the portion of the autograph with the unused sewing holes noted by Pamela Spitzmueller in her 1986 conservation report.
  3. Green bracketed area indicates extra (written-over) enumeration on the first page of certain fascicles.
  4. There are seven blank (unnumbered) pages:  
  • one after p. 43 (end of Fascicle V)
  • one after p. 68 (end of Fascicle X, between Vars. 2 and 3)
  • four after p. 80 (end of Fascicle XII)
  • the final (unnumbered) page (end of Fascicle XIII)